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Dubya Money slot - Free Play - Game Review

Dubya Money
Dubya Money Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes

If you enjoy gambling and want to have a good laugh, then you should play Dubya Money video slot machine. It is a 3-reel, 1-payline fruit style machine featuring George W. Bush, the former President. George Bush will appear periodically to give campaign advice and lines as American-style of music plays in the game’s background.

You will earn payouts based on the icons or symbols showing on the pay-line once the reels stop. If 3 Dubya Bush icons show up, your win will be 500X your bet; 3 oil barrels will pay 50X and 3 Stetson hats will pay 30X. You can also get nice payouts from 3 watermelons, 3 bells, 3 plums, 3 oranges, 3 lemons, or 3 cherries.

Here are some other exciting features that you can earn from:

There is the Oil Fields Bonus feature with similar looks to a traditional board game. It has random symbols with numbers on the reels that you can get to move up the Bonus Number Trail Ladder.

The Oil Fields Bonus will start when you reach a number that is higher than 7. After that different bonus features will start to flash at random. You would click on the stop button to get one of the features and earn whatever it’s stopped on.

This could be the Win Again that guarantees random win; Oil Strike that will send you to the original game for another try at landing the barrel to win money; Nudge Mania that will give up to 15 nudges; Dubya Money that produces bonus reels to give more winning chances and Spin a Win that guarantees wins a random.

Next, you have the Gamble Nudge feature that will start when you pick the Nudge Mania option during the Oil Fields Bonus. This feature will allow you to gamble existing nudges to earn additional ones.

The Reel Bonus Game is another feature. When you have a reel with a Bonus label, the bonus game will start flashing different features randomly for you to win as much as three tries.

Play Dubya Money video slot machine to enjoy all of these features and more.