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Bingo Bango Boom slot - Free Play - Game Review

Bingo Bango Boom
Bingo Bango Boom Rated 4.5/5 based on 2 votes

Play Bingo Bango Boom video slot machine if you are looking for another classic game with three reels and one pay-line. As the name suggest, it is based on a bingo game. The reel symbols are the regular images on the fruit machines, such as cherries, melons, lemons and oranges. Keep reading for more information on the game.

When you start to play this slot, you will get to enter a game of bingo if you are able to spin in 8 on the reels. Before going further, you should know that no scatter symbol, bonus symbol, Wild symbol or multiplier symbol are available for you to earn from in the Bingo Bango Boom slot game. Thankfully, there are other features such as the jackpot.

The Bingo Bango Boom Logo is acting as the jackpot symbol. You can win 500 coins as the largest jackpot prize. When calculated by the jackpot money value, the maximum amount is £5000 and this is basically 500 coins times the maximum bet on each pay-line. This is £10.00 times 1 coin equaling to £10.00 for each spin, amounting to £10 x 500.

You need three of the Bingo Bango Boom symbols to appear on the pay-line to win the maximum jackpot of 500 times the line bet. Three of the symbols and a £10.00 bet per spin will give you the highest money value jackpot payout of £5000. A bet for 10 pennies on a single spin will give you a jackpot payout of £50.

Bingo Bango Boom Bonus Features

In this game, the Free Spins are really win spins and they are awarded in the bonus round. This Bonus Round will be triggered when you spin eight in total using the super imposed numbers (bonus symbols) on certain reel symbols.

As soon as this happen, you will be taken to a new screen where you are able to play a game of bingo. While playing in this round, you will earn different features which are based on how successful you are in the bingo game.

Play Bingo Bango Boom video slot machine online to find out more.