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Jester’s Follie slot - Free Play - Game Review

Jester’s Follie
Jester’s Follie Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes

Jester’s Follie is a vibrant and enjoyable slot game from Merkur Gaming, one of the most popular and reliable providers of online Casino software around today.

The game features – as the name probably gives away – a Jester, and set in the Medieval times, the feel of the game is both historic AND modern, quite a strange combination.

The machine features a jackpot of 2,000 credits, which, dependant on the stake being played, can be worth anywhere up to £2000, and while it may seem small compared to other games, the fact it’s NOT as big as other jackpots, means it appears more regularly (increase your chances of getting it!).

The reels are designed in quite a unique manner, set on what look to be a pair of curtains; there’s five reels in total, and on the reels, you’ll see symbols which include juggling balls, juggling clubs, an accordion, a medieval lute (somewhat like a flute… just… older)… as well as a monkey (with VERY strange dress attire!).

The gameplay is smooth, and Merkur Gaming have developed Jester’s Follies to be as easy-to-play and enjoyable as possible, by minimising graphical animations, without sacrificing quality – something that’s not all that easy to do!

How To Play

Playing Jester’s Follies couldn’t be easier, and like all of the Merkur Gaming video slot range, you have complete control over how much you stake each spin.

Simply log onto the game and choose your stake, and press the “Spin” button; from there, it’s just a case of crossing your fingers and hoping it’s your lucky day!

Bonus Rounds And In-Game Features

Unfortunately, there’s no bonus feature within jester’s Follies, but there is a plethora of stacked wild symbols, appearing fairly regularly, and thanks to the ten pay-lines present within the game, this allows you to make up regular 4-of-a-kind and 5-of-a-kind wins regularly!

There is also a gamble feature available, allowing you to gamble any wins you make up to a maximum of £140.

While this isn’t anything particularly ground-breaking, it’s a nice feature, and gives you the chance to take a punt every now and then on a small win when you want to have a shot at wining even more! (Just don’t get greedy of you’ll lose the lot!!).

Jester’s Follies is fun, exciting, and different; while it doesn’t feature a bonus round, it’s still a great game to check out, so click below and see if YOU can hit the 2,000 coin jackpot today!