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Speed Club slot - Free Play - Game Review

Speed Club
Speed Club Rated 4.5/5 based on 3 votes

Speed Club slot game offers the players a combined experience of racing and casino which means more points in as much speed the player could manage.

Speed Club is a slot machine with 5 reels and the player has to start from the pole position. Right after, the player has to let their slot machine loose in a dynamic blast in as much speed they could manage.

Like many other slot machine games, in Speed Club the gambling stars whenever the player wins a round. While playing the game, there would come several instances when the points would be doubled. Each point in this game has the value of 0.01 Euros.

Speed Club slots offers two features which make the gambling irresistible as well:

- Scatter Win

- Bonus Game

The Scatter Win basically happens when there is three or more scatter symbols scattered on the screen. They don’t need to follow a specific pattern for them to be useful to the player. Bonus Round is a bonus for Scatter Win. During bonus rounds, scatter symbols play the role of joker and stay in their places.

This slot machine gambling is no less than experience of a classical casino gambling round. The player has the choice to bet as much as he likes of his won amount. When he puts his points on bet, he might end up scoring big or end up losing his entire won amount. Player can raise the amount that he is betting after each round that he wins.

Besides offering unlimited entertainment, the game is also made to be player-friendly to save its players any complexities in the future. Player has an easy access to see the amount that he has won. Besides that, he can effortlessly increase or decrease the amount that he is betting by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘buttons.

Whenever the player clicks the spin his die, screen shows two amounts which guess the amount he might win or lose, while the die is spinning. These features let the player feel connected and attentive giving him a real gambling experience on their portable device.