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Nitro 81 slot - Free Play - Game Review

Nitro 81
Nitro 81 Rated 3/5 based on 1 votes

Nitro 81 is an exciting combination of Need For Speed and classical casino merged in one, produced by Xatronic Gaming.

The slot machine consists of four reels with three symbols in each of them. Total number of paylines in Nitro 81 is eighty-one.

There are two exciting bonus features that are offered in Nitro 81:

- Nicol Bonus

- Nitro Bonus Plus

The counter raises 1% whenever a ‘Nicol’ symbol appears and in case the player manages to reach 100% of counter his next win will be tripled. Whereas, whenever a nitro heart symbol appears four times in the middle pay-line, display is raised by 25% in the Nitro Tacho. If the player reaches a total of 100% then the future five winnings will be tripled.

The gambling starts after every won game. Several rounds double the won points as well. There is also a security stage which saves the player from losing his points in the upcoming rounds after a blue symbol appears. Each point counts for 0.01 Euros.

Besides the extraordinary bonus features, slot machine is also made player-friendly so the player can feel involved with the game without any complexities. There is a ‘pay-table’ button which lets the player see the amount that they’ve earned. ‘Collect’ button lets the player quit after collecting their award in form of various sources.

Player can also see their die rolling which lets them have a casino experience on their portable devices. While the die is rolling, screen also shows a ‘potential win’ and ‘saved win’.

Potential Win shows the amount that a winner can win if he wins and Saved Win shows the amount that player might drop to if he loses. Player can bet as much amount as he likes to by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs on the slot machine screen.

In addition to that, player has to face the consequences of his gambling strategies which just enhances their experience in the gambling business.

Nitro 81 will surely elate the players mood and on top of that, if you play the game wisely than be sure to take some good amount of money home with you!