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Karaoke King slot - Free Play - Game Review

Karaoke King
Karaoke King Rated 3/5 based on 1 votes

Karaoke King is one of the many casino games made by Xatronic Gaming. With an eye-catching name, it lets the player to become a king without having to karaoke but provides them with an unlimited amount of entertainment and awards anyways.

Just like any other game, Karaoke King has four reels with three symbols in each of the reels. This slot machine has 7 playlines with two interesting features:

- Joker

- Karaoke king extra

Joker symbol is there as a replacement of other symbols whereas Karaoke-King-Extra provides with more chances to win by using the Joker symbol. So, if there is a joker symbol in any one of the 4 reels, play-lines are increased to a possible amount of 81.

In Karaoke King, winnings are achieved by multiple doublings of the awarded amounts after the game. The actual gambling process starts after each game is conquered like a king. The chances of the winnings to be doubled are available in multiple games.

This gambling casino game offers the security stage to the player as well, protecting the player from losing their awards in the upcoming games. Each scored point holds the value of 0.01 Euros.

Just like any other casino gambling, Karaoke King offers the player to bet all of their won points with the chances to double it nonetheless risk to lose it. This feature provides the gambler to have a complete experience of a gambling game in on their portable devices.

Just like many others of their games, Kajot Casino has made an accessible slot machine screen which makes the gambling experience uncomplicated. There is a ‘collect’ button which lets the player withdraw their award whenever they wish to; in form of various sources.

There are other portable features like the colored buttons which let the player choose the color of their symbols. Player can pick between black and red which further indicate their future winning or loss.