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Joker Star 81 slot - Free Play - Game Review

Joker Star 81
Joker Star 81 Rated 3.5/5 based on 4 votes

Joker Star 81 is a slot machine gambling game which lets players win to their heart’s content.

It’s a production of Xatronic Gaming. It is game with four reels, each four of the reels have three symbols. It has total 7 play lines.

- Joker

- Joker Extra

Joker is the symbol which is used as a replacement for many other symbols. Joker extra on the other hand increases the number of pay lines to 81 if the joker symbol appears in any one of the reels.

The gambling starts after the player wins each game. Joker 81 doubles the entertainment as it doubles the amount of total amount which is won in different rounds of this slot machine casino game. The game comes with an extra feature of ‘security stage’. This security stage is attained when a blue symbol appears and afterwards the winner is safe from losing the award which he has won already

Joker Star 81 is colourfully designed slot machine with easy-to-access features letting the player have an interesting experience without risking anything. There is a ‘pay table’ button which the player can click anytime to see the amount of the award they have won. In addition to that, it also lets the player control the amount of the bet by clicking on ‘+’ or ‘-‘buttons.

When the player wins, the amount shows up on the screen, making it easier for the player to keep track of the points that they win. Each won point amounts to 0.01 Euros. Since Joker 81 is a gambling game, it allows the player to bet their amount with possible chances of winning a jackpot amount but also risk losing whatever they place on bet if they lose the gamble.

Collectible Button on the screen lets the player quit and withdraw their won amount anytime they wish to without any hassle, in form of various sources. Players can also choose the colour of the buttons; black or red. Interesting features likes these keep the player’s attention intact.

When the player is gambling, he is shown the ‘potential win’ and a ‘saved win’. Potential Win shows the amount that player can possibly win and Saved Win shows the amount that he might end up dropping to if he loses.