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Joker Dream slot - Free Play - Game Review

Joker Dream
Joker Dream Rated 3/5 based on 2 votes

This game is for the dreamers who want to win a great deal. It is a fantastic fun packed game .The joker Dream machine slot game aims to capture players who are up for adventure.

It has some of the most outstanding features that hold the players attention. The slot machine of the Joker Dream game consists of vibrant reels which are fun to watch.

A player gets to have loads of opportunities to win double of what he has won. Joker Dream is the game to play if you are e up for excitement. This is a well-known and favourite five-reel game among the player. The chances of winning are great if you are up for it. You can play it all day all night whatever suits you.

The slot machine features 5 reels and 5 paylines and the paylines are assessed from the left and from the right and on the 3 middle reels.

Joker dream has two main features

- The Joker

- The Bonus Game

- 5 free spins

Like every other slot machine game the joker has to be a replacement for every other symbol in this game. You can see that at the top of every reel there are 3 joker fields. If all joker fields appear on the reel then the whole of the reel changes into joker symbols from which you get 5 free spins.

Winnings can be obtained by multiple doubling of winnings which can be done after the game.

Furthermore you can start gambling after each game you have won. So get started now and win as much as possible through your luck. You can double the winnings in so many stages it is up to your luck.

Lastly comes the security stage which is the exciting stage it acts as an extra part of the game so when the blue symbol appears on the screen of the slot machine the result is that the actual amount of winnings cannot be lost in the rounds which follow.