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Hot Factor slot - Free Play - Game Review

Hot Factor
Hot Factor Rated 2/5 based on 1 votes

Starting off about the Hot Factor machine games is firstly that it contains 4 reels and 81 pay-lines which is amazing for a game.

Also more it consists of 4x3 symbols. This game is unlimited fun. You can get great chances to win even if you think you are not going win at all. It has the best features which include like always the Joker. Moreover you can double your winnings as the game proceeds.

For other symbols the joker can be replaced for them. Furthermore there is an opportunity to get headline bonuses. You simply know when you win headline bonuses is when you win in the headline a letter is lightened up.

Moreover you can also know when these winnings are doubled by seeing all the symbols in headlines lighten up.

When you have many doubling of winnings astronomical winnings can be obtained after the game. In the Hot Factor machine game you can gamble after every game you win. In addition to that when you gamble in different rounds you can double your winnings. Then comes the security stage which plays as the substitute and is an additional part of the game.

The benefit of this game to the gamer is that you cannot lose the total of your winnings in the rounds that come after that stage when the blue symbol appears.

If you give it a try you can win so much from this game. Moreover you can also get maximum bonuses on your already won winnings which will be awesome. It is a game that every slot machine game lover would love to play.

It has excitement and thrill for every gamer to win in it. It is already a hottest as its name also suggests and most favourite among players and when a new beginner starts to play it, it might even become his favourite as well.

It is full of surprises and you can win loads. So do not wait and start winning great bonuses in this Hot game.