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High Five 2 slot - Free Play - Game Review

High Five 2
High Five 2 Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes

The High Five 2 slot machine game is a jam packed fun game. The game contains 3 reels and 5 play lines.

It turns out that the joker like every other slot machine game can be a replacement for other symbols. More over the game has a triple joker win which means that you can have a win on every symbol by obtaining three jokers at once.

You can also have extra bonuses while playing High Five 2.Every symbol in this game has its very own set of bonus lines so whenever you win the matching bonus line are triggered. In addition to that you can have extra winning if all the bonus lines of one symbol are activated.

Furthermore after each win the active bonus lines are reset and for each bet value they are taken care of separately.

There is such a thing called the astronomical winnings in these slot machine games and it’s also in High Five. You can get it if you have lots of doubling of winnings at the end of the game. In different rounds of gaming you can double your winnings through gambling.

Gambling is a part of this game as well so you can start gambling after every game won by you. The additional part of the High Five 2 game is the security stage. In this stage when the blue symbol is activated you cannot lose your share of the winnings you have won so far till the end of the game.

If you want a good experience at machine slot games High Five 2 is the game to play. It has a cool game value which is worth the while for a gamer.

. A gamer can enjoy this game and have a good time. Players can easily win in this game because it gives loads of bonuses which will leave the gamer happy. You will want more of this game once you start playing it. It can become addictive and maybe and most definitely come on top of your list.