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Crazy Fruits slot - Free Play - Game Review

Crazy Fruits
Crazy Fruits Rated 4/5 based on 14 votes

Crazy Fruits is a slot machine gambling game produced by the manufacturers of many others - Xatronic. There are maximum five reels in this game with three symbols in each of them.

Total number of paylines is five as well and they are evaluated from left and right except when there are five of the same symbols, then it is evaluated only once.

Following are some of the outrageous features of this game:

- Joker

- Multi Joker

- Bonus Game

Joker is a substitute symbol for different symbols in the game and it always appears in the middle reel.

Besides acting as a substitute symbol, Multi-Joker doubles the won points and it appears only on the second or the fourth reels, reels of even number.

For the bonus game, whenever the joker lands in the middle, all the other symbols turn into joker as well and the winner ends up winning total five spins for free.

Several rounds in the game double the won amount of awards. Player can start his gambling after every game that he wins. To add to the charms, there is a Security Stage in this game which is achieved when a blue symbol appears in the game. Afterwards, the player cannot lose his awards as long as he is not placing them on gambling. Each point counts as 0.01 Euros in the game.

Crazy Fruit has an easy-to-access screen which lets the player have an entertaining experience without facing any complexities. Player starts his game once and afterwards every round starts automatically.

Player can easily look into his won points by using the ‘pay-table’ button on the screen. The ‘collect’ button lets the player withdraw his awarded points in form of various sources and quit the game.

Kajot Casino has tried its best to keep the player feel involved in the game by creating visual impacts. Player can see the die spinning on the screen. During that time, player can see two different amounts on the screen, one is Potential Win and other is Saved Win.

Potential Win is the amount which the player has chances to win and other is the one that player has the chances of dropping to.