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Classic Seven slot - Free Play - Game Review

Classic Seven
Classic Seven Rated 4.5/5 based on 3 votes

Classic Seven is a slot machine gambling game manufactured by Kajot Casino Ltd. The game consists of three reels, each include three symbols. Total number of paylines in Classic Seven is five.

The player can start gambling every time he wins a round in the game. Several rounds afterwards will double the player’s winnings as well. One of the best parts about this gambling game is Security Stage which is achieved after a blue symbol appears.

The appearance of a blue symbol means that the player is safe from losing everything that he has won until now in the future rounds unless he places his points on gambling bets.

Two of the outstanding features of Classic Seven are as following:

- Joker

- Bonus Game Paylines

The joker acts as a substitute symbol for many other symbols in the reels. In the bonus game, if the player is playing all of the five paylines then he reaches any one of the many bonus rounds. Each won point holds the value of 0.01 Euros.

Classic Seven has different ways to promote the player’s amounts and in addition to that Kajot Casino has made the game as user-friendly as possible by providing quick ways to access different things in the game such as their won points by clicking the ‘paytable’ button on the screen.

The player can also easily withdraw and quit the game whenever they wish to by clicking on the ‘collect’ button.

The player is shown two different amounts on the screen as the die is spinning, one is the ‘potential win’ which is the amount that the player has the chances of scoring and the other is ‘saved win’ which shows the number that player might end up dropping to. The game is built to make the players feel as involved in the game as they might in a casino bar.

Player can bet as much amount on the gambling as he wants to by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs on the screen. If the player wins smartly, he might win great amounts and if he loses he might end up losing it just like in any gambling game.