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Dolphin’s Island slot - Free Play - Game Review

Dolphin’s Island
Dolphin’s Island Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes

Dolphin’s Island is a slot machine game with an aquatic theme; Finding Nemo and gambling pressed in one, created by iSoftBet Software Company.

There are total five reels in this casino game and each of them has three symbols. There are 243 different combinations that can be made in this game to win coins.

This game is unique and different in many ways from the other slot machine games. Player can win points if the symbols appear anywhere on the first three reels or more. Symbols do not have to land in a win line consecutively for player to score anything.

Dolphin’s Island has two bonus features:

- Bonus Feature

- Free spins round

Player receives the bonus feature when the bonus symbol appears three or more times and afterwards it takes the player towards the spinning wheel. Player will get the same amount of the spins as the number of bonus symbols that he was able to successfully land in the reels.

Spinning wheel consists of different bonuses including chances to multiply the won amount. On the other hand, free spins round is achieved when the dolphin symbol appears on the third reel on the screen. The free-spins round offer many different chances to score points for free in the game.

The game is designed to provide a great casino experience to its players and offers various gaming functions as well. There are special symbols, prize payoffs, free spins and many others which appear in the game from time to time and give many chances to score big.

There is no gambling involved in this slot machine so the players are only winning and never losing. Players can easily have the won amount of money transferred to their accounts anytime they wish to without facing any sort of complexities.

Dolphin’s Island has a neat and attractive graphic design full of different fish including dolphin which hide different ways to win points through them. It’s hard to resist the oceanic theme that the designers have achieved to maintain in this game along with different chances to win money through various combinations of symbols.