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Blackbeard's Bounty slot - Free Play - Game Review

Blackbeard's Bounty
Blackbeard's Bounty Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes

Habanero Sheer Gaming is a developing group that has successfully made the gaming world more savvy and sophisticated, while making it more enjoyable too. One of its better known slots games is Blackbeard Bounty.

The theme is along the lines of everything the name suggests. Almost everyone loves pirates, the game has pirates, treasures and bounty hunters. So, with that as a theme it tends to attract more of treasure hunt lovers.

The game revolves around the tumbling reels, these reels help you in winning or increasing your money.


Blackbeard's Bounty slots is a standard 5 reels, 25 pay lines slot game, with 3 rows as well.

The features include auto play, instant play, video slots as well as free spins. The wild and scatter symbols make the game are the more delightful. The expanding wild and bonus round are one of the better and unique features.

Mystery Bonus

The best feature of the Blackbeard's Bounty casino game is this mystery bonus. This helps you with all the odds you need to get more winnings.


The icons make the game more engaging with all its icons. From crossbones to the signature talking parrot we are familiar with, the music adding to the illusion. The game is highly addictive with all it has to offer. The guns and canons just add to the excitement.

How to Play?

The game is like all the slot games. You do not have any assurances about the money. It all depends on the tumbling reels and your fate. The basic idea is to align icons. Different icons have different values. If they are scattered, but on screen, then you get the scattered symbol points. If you get them all aligned, then you win the jackpot. But that rarely happens, so you have to make the most of all the additional features and bonus points.


This game can be played by both casual users or you could be a gaming buff and play the game.


The game has sleek and beautiful graphics which keep you engaged in the game. You can play it on your phones or in casinos, with proper slot machines.