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Mobster Cash slot game

Mobster Cash Slot Game Review

Mobster Cash slot is a five reel, fifteen-line game that is designed with multiple jackpots and an interactive bonus with a safe cracking feature. There are other features such as wild symbols that will help to increase your winnings. If you play Mobster Cash slots you don’t have to do the time for committing a crime.

Boss Media produces this progressive slot for you to hit it big time with wild, bullet-riddled icons. There are also three jackpots that you can hit to get big winnings and be the envy of your friends.

When you decide to play Mobster Cash slots, you can place bet amounts which are as low as £0.01 or as high as £10.00. Ninety thousand is the maximum payout that you can earn on this slot. Since it’s a progressive jackpot game, every single bet that a player makes will go towards the total prize.

This means your wagers as well as the wagers from thousands of other players. This huge coverage results in the jackpots which grow quickly to large sums to pay out over one million pounds!

Another good feature in this slot machine game is the wild symbols. You can use the wild symbol to replace any value or character in the pay line to get for more wins. In addition, the wild symbol can allow you to go over multiple win lines by allowing a tile to act as multiple values and give you far more winning lines.

This slot also feature scatter symbols which gives an extra bonus rewards, even in cases when they don’t land directly on a pay-line. You will get far more bang for your money with the dynamite scatters as they award 50, 25 or 10 free spins with five, four or three icons respectively.

You should definitely take advantage of this amazing feature to earn multiple spins free as the payouts are massive and you don’t have to risk your gambling balance.

Lastly, you can earn from bonus rounds when you play Mobster Cash slots. Collecting 750 points will earn you credits in a safe bonus.