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Magic Lines slot - Free Play - Game Review

Magic Lines
Magic Lines Rated 4.5/5 based on 3 votes

A classic Slot, Magic Lines slot machine comes with 5 paylines spread across 3 reels, and it was designed by Betsoft. The game offers a €800 top jackpot.

With Magic Lines the developers tried something different, using the framework of a classic slot to create something new and exciting. The reels themselves are nothing special, giving the player 5 lines on them, with the symbols being only classics.

The top area offers the player the extra features which were included in it, features which will get the player’s full attention, since the symbols are very uniform in the way they pay you. Every single combination available in the game will pay you 20 coins, so there is no top jackpot combo to focus on.

Instead you get the special features, which can make the difference and provide you with action that is a bit more entertaining. The symbols which offer the 20 coin payouts include the bells, blueberries, strawberries, plums, pears, lemons and oranges.

While placing bets, players have the option to use either one or two coins for each payline, wagering up to 10 coins in a bet. With coins valued between €0.02 and €20, the maximum bet is €200, while the top jackpot is 20 times the line bet, so up to €800 can be won.

No matter what combination you get, you win that amount every single time, and that’s one of the unusual features of this game.

Whenever you do get a combination with three symbols that are identical, a feature gets started which involves the use of a section from the top half of the screen. It’s the one which has arrows pointing up, and a Stop sign at the top.

If the player is fast enough, and manages to use the Start/Stop button while the Stop sign and the arrows have a light on, they win that round, and they advance to the next one. During the second round, the player has access to the other feature, which is to the left of the first one.

There you will notice various arrows with lights on, and with a Repeater button at the end. If the player manages to stop the lights when they are at the Repeater symbol, they get double the normal payout for that round.

These features require the player to be fast and maybe have a bit of skill, so the more experience you get with it, the better you will be.

It’s always nice to find a game that has something interesting to offer, since so many of them give you the same couple of features and Bonus rounds which are based solely on luck.

Getting one that has some skill involved gives the player a bit of the power back.