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Crown Jewels slot - Free Play - Game Review

Crown Jewels
Crown Jewels Rated 4/5 based on 8 votes

If you’re a fan of cascading reels, you’re going to LOVE Crown Jewels – it’s full of them! Cascading reels are great because not only to they create multiple new opportunities for making up big wins and higher payouts, but they also add an ‘extra dimension’ to the game that helps to strengthen your gaming experience and make it even more enjoyable.

Crown Jewels is a game that’s clearly had a lot of time put into it, and the design of the game is really special. The gems you’ll see on the reels are incredibly-designed, and not only does it make the user experience as realistic as possible, but it makes sure this slot doesn’t fall into the gutter of the Internet, that many other video slots appear to have fallen into.

Aside from the cascading reels (and the wins that come alongside), there is no feature within the Crown Jewels game, and this is a shame because it’s a really well-built game that delivers users a ton of fun.

Lack of bonuses aside, it’s a super fun game with big payouts available, so it’s well worth checking out!

Crown Jewels is now available to enjoy from your mobile phone or tablet device, and best of all, there’s not annoying software to download, or programs to install on your device.

The game is instant play, meaning it plays right out of your Internet browser – this helps to ensure you’ll be enjoying a premium experience at all times, and means there’s no long delays waiting for the games to load up!

As many players are (rightfully) suspect of a video slot’s ability to actually run fast, correctly, and efficiently, it’s no surprise that many players don’t like to play on their phones or tablets.

While this USED to be the case, Barcrest have revolutionised the world of mobile gaming, and Crown Jewels is just one of their great video slot games that runs perfectly find across mobile devices.

It’s really simple to begin playing, and with so much potential to win big, what are you waiting for?

Click below to play, and see if it’s your lucky day!

Pros: A really fun game with a unique twist makes Crown Jewels a really great choice for any gamer.

Cons: Basic layout can be a turn off for players who like a more in-depth graphical interface.