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Ibiza slot game

Ibiza Slot Game Review

Are you looking for a party slot game? If yes, you can play Ibiza slot machine from B3W. It’s a classic game with three reels, one pay-line and a top jackpot of $375

This slot game seems to focus on Ibiza’s party scene and the disco world. The design has a background with sunset view, a bikini clad girl on the right side of the reels and a pay-table across the payouts button.

Ibiza game symbols has images for jet skis, helicopters, disco balls, tubes with tanning cream and a dancer's feet shown in high heels.

Bets can be placed with up to 3 coins in this game with each having a value from $0.05 to $0.25. You can play with the lowest bet of $0.05 or the maximum of $0.75.

It is possible to win prizes of $750 cash or up to 1500 coins. The bets with one coin will give you limited access to create winning combinations. For instance, only three symbols offer win combinations for one-coin bets, while two or three coin bets add two more symbols with the higher value prizes.

The helicopter, jet ski and tanning cream will pay something when you use one coin. They will give prizes of 2 to 60 coins.

Two coin bets will add the disco balls and dancer's high heeled feet. You can get 500 coins for the girl's feet and 150 coins for the disco balls. In addition to that, the three coin bets will use the symbols from the two coin bets to give you bigger prizes. Three of the dancer's feet symbols will pay the top prize of 1500 coins, while three disco balls pay 300 coins.

Please note that the first coin will activate the base symbols and they will not pay out more if you are betting with more coins. Whether you make a bet with 1 or 3 coins, you will get the same payout for the three initial symbols.

Look for a casino to play Ibiza slot machine online if you enjoy a true classic without the bells and whistles!