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Falling Diamonds slot game

Falling Diamonds Slot Game Review

Play Falling Diamonds slot machine online for some simple fun. Even though it's a classic slot machine, you will get to enjoy an interesting gameplay.

It's worth mentioning that each of the pay-line has a different amount for the maximum jackpot. The bottom pay-line gives 5000 coins; the middle gives up to 2000 coins and the top gives 3000 coins.

Falling Diamonds is another slot game from B3W. It has 3 reels, 3 pay lines and a top prize of $25,000. The symbols are mostly classics, even though the game is focused on diamonds.

When this game opens, you will see a background with blue color and diamonds surrounding the reels. The bonus round section is to the left and it features three columns with diamonds which boast red, green and blue colors.

The top portion has the jackpot pay-table with the logo below. The remaining part of the pay-table is on a different screen. Aside from the three coloured Diamonds, there are other symbols which include the classic yellow, red, white and blue 7's, cherries and bar symbols.

You can bet one coin on each pay-line. The choice is yours as you are allowed to bet on three, two or one pay-line. The coin value ranges from $1 to $5, so you can only bet with $15 as the highest amount.

When you bet with more coins, you will activate more pay lines and can earn the bigger jackpot of 5000 coins or $25,000. The Falling Diamonds logo awards the big prize when three symbols land on an active pay-line.

The multi-coloured diamond will activate the only feature in the game. When you see this symbol, it will add to one or more of the diamond lines in the bonus game.

You will earn 5000 coins if you complete two trails all at once and 100 coins for completing one trail. The bonus round will start over if the diamonds land on all the three reels.

The blue 7 symbol will pay 250 coins; the yellow pays 750 coins and the red pays 1000 coins.