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The Big Bang Theory slot game

The Big Bang Theory Slot Game Review

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV Series of recent times, and since its introduction in 2007, millions of viewers around the world tune in to watch a group of geeks continually perve upon Penny – the “hottie” of the show – alongside performing day-to-day tasks.

It’s an incredibly boring concept, that has actually been executed extremally well, and today, it’s even more popular than before, with Board Games, memorabilia, and a whole host of The Big Bang Theory related material available!

We knew it wouldn’t be long before The Big Bang Theory found it’s way into casinos, and Aristocrat Gaming Technologies have been the first company to take that leap.

In fact, their land-based casino version of The Big Bang Theory – the Video Slot – has been around for a few years in Australian and American casinos, but their online casino version has only recently been made available, and it’s proving very popular with players!

The game has a ton of feature rounds, detailed below:

Game Features

The first bonus-round you’ll see is the “Large Leonard Collision Feature”, and here you’ll enjoy a free-spins round, with YOU choosing the volatility of the spins – or, in other words, the odds of you winning big.

The second bonus is the Dr. Sheldon Roommate Agreement Feature, and here you’ll be given 8 free-spins, with nothing else included. Thirdly, it’s Penny’s Friendship Feature, and here, you’ll get 5 free spins on a 4X4 reel-set, with more Penny symbols appearing than normal, greatly increasing your chances of a big win.

Fourth, is “Howard’s Scavenger Feature”, and this is a “pick me” round, where you simply select from cards to reveal cash prizes and multipliers.

In fact, the last two bonuses – “Raj’s Scavenger Feature”, and “The Big Bang Theory” are exactly the same, and are both pick-me features, again, offering cash prizes and multipliers.

With 6 features in total, it’s clear Aristocrat Gaming Technologies have pulled out all the stops to create a game that’s both enjoyable, AND action-packed, and with so much potential for what you’ll get in the bonus round, it’s a nice way to game, as you literally never know what you’ll end up with!

Pros: Based off the ever-popular The Big Bang Theory, the Video Slot version is just as well made, with Aristocrat Gaming Technologies deserving credit here.

Cons: The only downside is three of the features are the same – but no big deal!