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Sky Rider: Silver Treasures slot game

Sky Rider: Silver Treasures Slot Game Review

Sky Rider: Silver Treasures is a Video Slot game from Aristocrat Gaming Technologies, that was released as a “dual release”, alongside another Aristocrat Gaming Technologies title, called Sky Rider: Golden Amulet. In fact, you can read our review on Sky Rider: Golden Amulet here.

The games are relatively similar, with the main differences being in the game bonuses and structure. In Sky Rider: Golden Amulet, the game was 5-reel, and featured 50 pay lines, whereas in Sky Rider: Silver Treasures, you’ll see the same 5-reels, but even more pay lines – there’s 100 in total!

Now this has an advantage, and disadvantage. First of all, it means you have to stake twice as much per spin, for the same amount of credits.

That’s due to the increase in pay lines, and is only fair. The main upside, however, is that there are many more ways to win, so you don’t need to worry quite as much about symbol placement.

Game Features

Aristocrat Gaming Technologies caused a little initial controversy when they released Sky Rider: Silver Treasures, because they simply used the same feature from Sky Rider: Golden Amulet, albeit with a few design changes. However, this was changed, and now, there’s two bonuses, both of which are great fun to play.

First you have Max Stacks, and this is like a pick-me bonus, triggered by landing three or more of the bonus symbols anywhere on the reels.

Second up, you’ve got the free-spins. The free-spins round is triggered by landing 3 of the scatter symbols anywhere in view, and this allows you to enter the free spins bonus. Unfortunately, there’s not much exciting to be said about the free-spins bonus, as you won’t find anything special – not even a multiplier on your wins!

However, if you want some kind of shining line, it IS possible to re-trigger the free-spins, meaning you can – potentially – continue spinning for a while, totting up wins and walking away with a semi-decent payday. Just don’t expect many 1,000X + wins here.

Mobile Play

Sky Rider: Silver Treasures hasn’t been released for mobile devices yet, though some players may be able to play from a new phone or tablet, although there are no guarantees. Best wait for Aristocrat Gaming Technologies to release more information about when the mobile version of Sky Rider: Silver Treasures will become available.

Pros: A decent game with decent base-game wins.

Cons: The free-spins bonus round is quite a big let-down – it’s really not much different from the regular base-game.