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Game Info
Theme:Free Spins Feature:No
Slot Type:Bonus Rounds Feature:No

Flame Of Olympus is a Video Slot game from Aristocrat Gaming Technologies, that follows the legend of Prometheus, perhaps one of the most well-known and famous stories in Greek mythology.

Depicted in many movies, TV shows… even other Video Slot games… the Legend of Prometheus is one that’s centred around a flaming Torch, and Flame Of Olympus aims to capture the aura of this story in a captivating manner with their new Video Slot!

The story goes (if you’re interested of what the Video Slot is actually based on), that Prometheus – a Titan God – is a “good-natured” lover of the earth and humanity, and wants to help the earth prosper.

In order to do this, he ends up stealing fire from the Gods on Mount Olympus, and gives it to the humans on earth – to disastrous effects (for the Titan). The people on earth were overjoyed – they had warmth, light, and could cook – but Titan was punished severely by the other Gods.

Ok, so history lesson aside, Flame Of Olympus has incorporated this story very loosely into its storyline, and Aristocrat Gaming Technologies have done a great job of creating a game that’s both historical, and modernised, making it a really great play for players of all ages.

The game screen is spectacular, and you’ll first see a HUGE statue of Prometheus, holding a large burning torch – beware if you’re using an older computer, this is a seriously High-definition image, so it may take a few seconds to load up on older devices.

You’ll then see the reels, which are fairly normal, comprising of a 5X5 grid, with 20-paylines active, and the ability to select your bet size, switch on autoplay, and so on.

Game Features

There’s no free-spins round within Flame Of Olympus, and interestingly, the payout is capped at a miniscule 125X your total stake.

This sounds bizarre, and at first, the entire Slots4Play office was a bit taken a back – but there’s reason behind the madness. By limiting the single payout figure, it means HUGE payouts – of 1,000X + can’t happen, which in turn actually increases the chance of the smaller payouts happening.

So, long story short, you won’t hit 1-5,000X wins like you would with some Video Slot games, but you can expect the 100X wins a lot more often – which is good news for those who like more consistent wins, and less of “drought” playing sessions.

Pros: Flame Of Olympus perfectly combines history and gambling, and is recommended for all players.

Cons: A lack of a bonus-round is a disappointment.