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Batgirl & Catwoman slot game

Batgirl & Catwoman Slot Game Review

Batgirl & Catwoman is a brand-new Video Slot game from Aristocrat Gaming Technologies, only released a few days ago at G2E, in 2017, and the game is featured fully around the classic animated 1990’s series.

This is in line with many gaming companies today choosing to re-live old classics, particularly within the Hollywood Blockbuster movement, and while Batgirl & Catwoman wasn’t necessarily a move-screen hit, it’s a series that most players will be familiar with, and, for the older players that grew up with the TV Show on their screens, it’s likely a reminiscent of happier, healthier days!

(OK, just kidding – you’re happy and healthy now :) ).

Anyway, this somewhat camp, upbeat Video Slot title includes all the characters of the TV series, and even includes animation clips, music, and effects directly from the show itself, proving Aristocrat Gaming Technologies have a direct contract with the creator of the show.

The game layout itself is a 5-reel structure that includes 20-paylines, and while this sounds fairly average of a Video Slot today, where the game really stands out, is with its reel sizes.

Each reel changes size during each spin, with anywhere from 5, to 8 icons active per reel! Think Net Entertainment’s When Pigs Fly game – expect it’s completely random when the reels change size, and to what size they change to!

This obviously affects the number of pay lines, and this is all intuitively build into the game, so sometimes you’ll have many more than 20 pay line active – what’s important, however, is that you will only ever pay for 20-paylines, and this means you’re getting great “bang for your buck”.

Game Features

The first feature within Batgirl & Catwoman is the Progressive Pick Bonus, and here, you’ll have a chance to win one of the progressive jackpots linked to the machine.

While no details have yet been made clear on how this will work, it’s almost certainly going to be similar to most other Aristocrat Gaming Technologies progressive games, with the jackpots being shared amongst multiple online casinos hosting the game.

There’s also a free-spins round, triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere in view on the reels.

Mobile Play

Batgirl & Catwoman is likely to be available to all mobile users, but again, this is unconfirmed, and will need to be validated on the official launch of the game before being confirmed.

Pros: the game looks great, has an awesome reel-size-changing feature, so it’s one to keep an eye on, for sure!

Cons: hard to find fault with a game not yet released – just hurry up, Aristocrat Gaming Technologies?