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Game Info
Theme:Free Spins Feature:No
Slot Type:Bonus Rounds Feature:No

Aztec Goddess is a Video Slot game from Aristocrat Gaming Technologies that plunges players back into the Ancient world of the Aztecs people, and has them trying to uncover the hidden treasure from underneath the HUGE Pyramids than ruled the lands back in these ancient times.

Aztec Goddess is well-known in the Video Slot community thanks to its tremendous bonus feature round, which we’ll cover a little later on in this post.

The game design itself is fairly normal of an Aristocrat Gaming Technologies game, and you’ll see a selection of symbols, both traditional playing card symbols, including 10, J (Jack), Q (Queen), K (King), and A (Ace), and game-specific imagery, which includes symbols related to the Aztec realm.

Despite the fancy ideology behind the game, Aristocrat Gaming Technologies have let themselves down somewhat, in terms of the game’s design.

It’s by no mean “bad” as such, but they could have definitely done more work in terms of making the game accessible to players, and ensuring it runs smoothly. In short, Aztec Goddess is an old-school Video Slot game, which is perfect for those used to land-based casinos, but might be a bit “foreign” for players more used to Microgaming and Net Entertainment titles.

Nonetheless, the game IS packed full of a really cool feature, which we’ll look at below.

Game Features

While it’s not considered a “bonus” in conventional means, the actual main attraction of the Aztec Goddess Video Slot game is the 3,125-ways-to-win layout, that is similar to Microgaming’s 243-ways-to-win.

What this means, is that you don’t actually have to match any specific symbols in order to make a win. Or, in simpler words, one symbol on each reel guarantees a win, no matter whether they’re positioned.

Of course, more symbols equate to more wins, and while this way of playing may appear a little confusing at first, once you get used to the gameplay, you’ll see for yourself just how simple and exciting it is!

There’s a ton of high paying symbols in Aztec Goddess, and while they’re pretty hard to make 4-of-a-kind and 5-of-a-kind pay-lines from, when you DO, you’re in for a MASSIVE win, particularly in thanks to the 3,125-ways-to-win structure, that ensures you can make multiple pay lines if you have more than one symbol visible on just one reel!

Pros: A really unique pay line structure makes Aztec Goddess a really cool game to checkout.

Cons: The game’s experiencing some issues at the time of writing, and may not be available for all players.