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Wild Shark slot - Free Play - Game Review

Wild Shark
Wild Shark Rated 4/5 based on 26 votes

Wild Shark is a slot game that has players matching up a variety of sea life.

While there are sharks available in the game there are also goals to match up see lifelike dories, puffer fish, giant turtles, angelfish as well as treasure. The overall goal of wild shark is to dive deep into the waters and rescue treasure from shark infested waters.

Players can do this by matching together a huge number of bonus game symbols and wilds. Wild shark really is true to its name with a huge number of lucrative bonus games, matching bonuses, bonus spins and huge scatter symbols.

Swim with the sharks anywhere

You can play wild shark on a mobile device, tablet, pc, Macintosh and in a huge number of different browsers. It contains a 50 page line scheme and it works by huge number of mobile devices so you can play at any time. Having the ability to swim with sharks and access the huge winnings wherever you are can really add to the excitement.

Big jackpots

Matching together some of the fish and game can really help you see some big payouts. Matching together the jewels is definitely one of the better payouts however.

Putting together three of the crown jewels can pay the largest jackpot in the game of 50,000 coins. Giant turtles are worth 15,000 coins and angelfish are worth 10,000 coins. Sharks also have the option to go wild randomly.

The problem however is that the wild sharks can actually start to gobble up other symbols around them as a scatter bonus. You really never know what type of bonus a shark will take on until the reels stop and this makes wild shark one of the most exciting undersea slot games.

Try out wild shark today and see the treasure that lurking in the deep.