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Sharp Shooter slot - Free Play - Game Review

Sharp Shooter
Sharp Shooter Rated 2.5/5 based on 2 votes

The Sharp Shooter online casino game is a unique option to consider if you are looking for a dice style game.

You would play Sharp Shooter with a standard dice. With three dice in hand, you will get three chances to shoot down the 3 target dice that is rolled by the croupier.

Three rolls can eliminate all your targets and give you a win with bigger payouts for the sharp shooters who are lucky enough to dispatch the opposition efficiently.

With a new format and a classic feel, this game combines simple rules with regular wins and compelling play to give you a title that is sure to become a top casino favourite. Keep reading below if you want to play Sharp Shooter slots online.

How to Play Sharp Shooter Slots Online

This game has a minimum bet amount of £0.1 and a maximum of £200. You could win £1,600 maximum. Choose a chip value when you are ready to play by clicking the relevant chip at the bottom of the game screen. Two buttons will pop on the screen with options once you put down your chip. One option will allow you to remove the chips to place another stake and the other will let you start the game once you are satisfied with your bet.

When you place a single bet to win, you should aim to match three dice with face values using the three rolls of the three regular dice. Every rolled dice can eliminate only one case of a matching dice. If you are aiming for 4, 4, 2 and 6, 4, 1 was rolled on the first go; you will have a target of 4 and 2 to match with the next two rolls. You can win the bet if all the three targeted dice are taken out before or on your third and last roll.

Now, when you play Sharp Shooter slots you can expect the first roll to pay 8/1 for a win. For the second roll you could get a 7/5 payout, while 1/2 will be given for the final roll.