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Merry Mondays Tournaments – Match & Money Promotion – Prospect Hall

Prospect Hall bonus spins
bonus spins in Prospect Hall Casino

Prospect Hall treat their players in such a way that they find delight whenever they would play their games.

When it comes to bonuses and tournaments; Prospect Hall is on the top and that can be proved by this Match & Money promotion.

This promotional bonus is offered to the players weekly on Mondays during this month only (December).

This offer is open for the players who are located in an authority where it is lawful to contribute in the Slots Tournament Promotion, for example UK.

This promotion is only for the players 18 or above! If you are not registered yet then we advise you to claim the promotion listed on the image above. You will be entitled to £300 cash bonus, 100 bonus spins and 100% cash match!

The Merry Mondays Promotion consists of the Merry Mondays Prize Draw and then Merry Mondays Tournaments; a series of tournaments which are held on every Monday during the month of December.  If one wants to become part of this tournament click “Opt In” option in the promotions page.

This option makes your wager countable towards the tournament.

To win the Merry Monday tournaments you have to be a consistent winner with highest normalized payouts in 20 successive games. Here by normalized payout we mean the win according to the size of the wager. For instance A £10 win from a £1 wager is equal to the 10 tournament points (£10/£1 = 10) while a £10 win from a £5 wager counts for 2 tournament points (£10/£5 = 2).

Prospect Hall distribute this tournament prizes on every Tuesday. For tie breaker users will split the combined prizes of their positions on the leaderboard. Every £10 wagered on Match & Money during the Active Period will also get you one entry ticket to the Prize Draw.

Winners will receive an email notifying their win and the prizes for the top 100 places in Merry Mondays Promotion start from £10 up to £1000.

merry mondays tournaments at prospect hall casino