£7K Spring Sweep Event at Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo 7K Tournament
7K Tournament at Cyber Bingo Casino

This is the right time to allow some fresh spring air to enter your home as you give it a wonderful spring sweep with £7K all in guaranteed cash prizes that will be won in our upcoming spring sweep £7K event.

The question which is in your mind right now is what you would do with an incredible £7,000 guaranteed money prize. You might be thinking of redecorating your home or building a new kitchen.

Others may choose to pay their huge bills with this money. £7K spring sweep event at cyber bingo is bringing you a fabulous guaranteed money prize which you can use to do a lot of stuff at your home.

Don’t waste more time looking for other promotions and tournaments online because they can’t beat this amazing cash prize at cyber bingo spring sweep event. Our £14,000 guaranteed cash prize spring sweep event will take place in the famous Bingo Tourney room at 8:00 P.M. EDT on Saturday, April 25 2015. This event will commence at 8:00 P.M.

EDT and there will be only three £5,000 guaranteed prizes at the top of the hour warm stunning games at 8 P.M., EDT, 9 P.M. EDT and 10 P.M. EDT respectively. Each of these amazing games during spring sweep event at cyber bingo will have a guaranteed cash prize of £500 as well as a card cost of only £1 per card.

This is a stunning event which you can’t afford to miss on this day. Furthermore, cyber bingo excitement and fun builds as players prepare to head towards the long awaited huge game at 11:00 P.M EDT, which is the spring sweep part 3 events that will be offering a guaranteed £5,625 cash prize.

This amount will be divided into three parts: £125 for the first part, £500 for second part and finally an incredible amount of £5,000 cash prize for the 3rd part.

7k tournament at cyber bingo