Get 20 Free Scratch Cards at Prime Scratch Cards UK

Prime Scratch free cards
20 free cards in Prime Scratch Casino

If you are interested in getting some free chances to win from a reputable online casino you should really check out prime scratch cards UK. From the same publisher of the bingo site prime bingo, Prime scratch cards has created one of the top UK lottery providers for online scratch cards.

Online scratch cards differ a little bit from your local lottery retailer scratch cards. Quite often they imply the same principles which means matching three or revealing one jackpot on screen. With the online version of the scratch tickets the by ins are usually much lower and you can purchase multiple scratch tickets and scratch them in rapid succession without leaving any mess in your home.

One of the best parts about playing prime scratch cards is that just for joining up you can get access to up to 20 free cards as a sign-up bonus. There are also some excellent freebies for your very first deposit bonus as well. Playing on prime scratch will also give you access to linking your funds to other websites like Prime Bingo and casino games which are also available through this publisher.

By signing up for a free account you need to simply confirm your email at PrimeScratchCards for the free 20 scratch cards. This will credit the free 20 scratch cards to your account so that you can easily scratch them off and play for free jackpots which you can easily withdrawal to your bank account skrill account and more.

The other bonuses include a 100% deposit bonus on as little as £10 which can help you have even more scratch card fun.

One of the active and competitive elements of playing scratch cards on prime scratch cards UK is that you can compete in online leader boards for winnings. This introduces a brand-new social element to the lottery and to scratch cards that we may not have seen previously.

It’s a lot of fun playing scratch cards on prime scratch cards UK and it can be extremely lucrative as well with jackpots that help you win up to 35 times the cost of the ticket.

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