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Top 10 Marvel Slots with bonuses on Slots4play

Marvel Slots
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The releases of Marvel Movies have brought a whole new theme which is popular and equally impressive. You can now experience the fun with the slots as you win with your favorite superhero – Try now our top 10 Marvel slots with bonuses.

  1. Thor Slots – Win Marvellous prizes thanks to the action packed Thor. It is a unique experience with a Hammer which thunderously smashes almost everything.
  2. Captain America – The beloved American Superhero faces numerous dangers as your mission progresses. Discover the story behind the powerful S.H.I.E.L.D and how Steve Rodgers became the ultimate man in red, blue and white suite.
  3. Blade Slots – This Marvel theme comes with a lot of excitement. You can actually experience the real Blade Split Symbol which will make your bankroll fly. With Blade you get Scatter bonus and Wild bonus as well.
  4. Fantastic 4 – This is a popular comic adaptation and a favorite pick for seasoned gamers. All the four characters are featured in the slots game; Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic and the Thing.
  5. Dare Devil slot – The blind hero in this slot is Matt Murdock. You will have to fight your enemies with no sight. Basically the game is all about what you hear without actually seeing.
  6. Incredible Hulk 2 Slots – With Incredible hulk you get to smash things to win bonuses. Activate special Incredible Hulk bonus to open an exclusive superhero experience. You can line up police cars, helicopters and Hulk to play and win.
  7. Spiderman Slots – You are certainly happy about superhero Spiderman being brought to the casino. The slot is one of the most popular among the Marvel games. Peter Parker isn’t fooling anyone and he is back with greatness. Enjoy the slot’s awesomeness and greatness as you play and win.
  8. Elektra Slot Game – Elektra is a dangerous heroin with wild symbols. All you have to do in the game is to increase the chances of your odds paying out. Time also extends during the free spins with scatter symbols which trigger bonuses for you.
  9. X-Men Slots – With the slot you can choose to be either a villain or a mutant her. The slot entertains Professor X, Storm and Wolverine fans equally.
  10. Iron Man 2 Slots – As Iron Man reveals his identity to the whole world he exposes a big threat which is as powerful as himself. The slot throws you into a world of both public and personal challenges. Embrace the character, technology and the riches.