The Big Wheel O Free Money Promotion

Golden Spins free spins
50 free spins in Golden Spins Casino

GoldenSpins is a USA Casino gaming website which offers interesting games with multiple themes that players can choose from. Recently, it has introduced a range of promotional offers as well which no one should miss out on.

One of the many promotional offers is the Cash Back. Cash Back pays the player for betting their real money while they are playing a game and if they win, they are awarded with Comp Points.

Comp Points are either real money or free money bonus. It’s up to the player to pick any one of these. The amount of the money that player gets depends on the game they are playing as some games will pay a higher amount and others will pay less.

Another amazing promotional offer is The Big Wheel’O’Free Money. This offer is going to last for this month of December only. Players can enjoy this offer if they have 2000 comp points in their account. Players can swap their points for a free spin on a wheel which offers multiple amounts of cash prizes.

GoldenSpins is also offering bonus for reloading your account. Players only have to reload their account and they will get bonus of 10% in their added amount so it is a great time to boost your bank account in GoldenSpins.

The promotional offers do not just end here. There is more to profit from in GoldenSpins. It has decided to award its players with huge amounts of cash for simply making deposits in their account. First four deposits are eligible to claim this bonus amount in the game. Moreover, the next three deposits in the game will also get bonus as well. This is a season full of bonuses so don’t miss out on your chance to win big amount.

Another one of the many amazing offers that GoldenSpins is offering is getting paid to refer a friend. It does not get easier than this. Players only have to suggest a friend to register and play at GoldenSpins and they will be paid 25% bonus of whatever amount and whenever their friend makes the first deposit.

These promotional offers are only here for a limited time so don’t let the opportunity to win big slip away.

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