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Kajot casino is one of the best features that has straight forward promotions program that doesn’t offer a whole lot of things to would-be players. Kajot offer straight forward promotions that gives what is promises. Their offer is a 300 euro welcome bonus for all new customers and a 5% cashback on all your deposits which you can play and keep all profits.

Unlike offline casinos which can be easily judged by their décor and reputation, online casinos are difficult to judge. One of the casinos that has become enormously popular among gamers is the Kajot online casino that offers one of the widest varieties of games and slots. They offer such a wide range of games that can satisfy both newbies and hardcore gamers. They are licensed in Malta under lotteries and gaming.

Online casinos have exceeded offline casinos in popularity. People nowadays prefer the comfort of their homes and the flexibility that they can get in online casinos. In offline casinos, thrill is more but there are also added inconveniences. But often it can be very difficult to find out which online casinos you can play in.

Kajot Casino bonus-play information

Basically, you can enjoy your time on house money. This simple promotion without any associated terms and conditions has made them enormously popular among the players where you can play without any negative repercussions of other promotions. After successful registration you must complete a payment within 7 days to receive the welcome bonus.

The validity of the bonus lasts for 90 days after the first payment. With every BET placed, 1.00 % is credited to your bonus account (this is equivalent to € 0.01 for a BET of € 1.00). The bonus is released in 10 € steps. The amount will automatically be credited to your gaming money account.

To start availing of this bonus and playing, you need to make an account with them. You can the registration form that is available on the homepage and registration is free. Once you decide how much you want to play in the casino, you can deposit the money using any online payment system. The casino is open for all amounts and hence suits all people with different needs.

Once you are registered you are ready enjoy the thrills of online gaming and slots in Kajot casino. Once you use the username and password you can play all games.

Some of their 3-reel games include Classic 7, Turbo 27, Vegas 27, Joker Mania II, Kajot Lines, Tropical 7, Bonus Star. Some of their 4-reel games include Super Lines 2, Joker Star 81, Nitro 81 etc. Some of their 5-reel games include Simply Gold 2, Lucky Bar, Moko Mania, Aztecs Empire etc. The games are known to give doubling of best very often which makes them high payout games. You should definitely try Kajot casino free slots and slots if you are an avid player! However, you can’t play in this casino if you are below 18.

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