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Fisticuffs slots
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The online casino industry has grown rapidly in the past several years, and with it, comes a wide range of new games to play. Made by some of the largest casino games developers such as Net Entertainment, these games take on different roles with new and exciting game play. One such game is the Fistcuffs slot machine.

When you join now, you can get free spins to play Fisticuffs slot machine as well. But first, let’s have a quick rundown of how it works.

How to Play Fisticuffs Slot Machine

As with all slot machines, the Fisticuffs slot machine is made out of rows and columns. In this case, we’re playing with 3 rows and 5 columns. Before each spin, the players get to choose how many different possibilities they’d like to play with. The simplest possibility is when the middle row has a winner, more complex possibilities includes when you count all three rows, or diagonal rows.

The more possibilities you select before spinning, the higher chance of a win. Of course, the more possibilities you enable, the higher cost it is to spin that round as well. Although it might be well worth it since it increases your chance of a win substantially. However, do keep in mind that paying more for a spin does not increase the value of a win itself; it only increases the chances of a win.

The Game

Of course, the game is pretty darn fun as well. As with other slot machines, Fisticuffs slot machine features ‘Wilds’ in the game in the form of 2 boxers.

Special animation is included whenever you land one of the boxers, and a punch is dished out whenever you land both boxers. Landing a boxer also mean you’ll not only win coins but also free spins as well. Here’s how it works:

The Moustache Boxer in the game is a Diagonal Wild symbol, and the Bald Boxer is a Straight Wild symbol. The Moustached Boxer appears on reels 2 and 4 and substitutes for all other symbols while the Bald Boxer appears on real 3 and substitutes all other symbols as well. The Boxing Feature: If Moustached boxer appears on one along with a Bald boxer, then the Moustached boxers get punched to reel 1 or 5. This in turn, turns all symbols in between into Wilds, and you get a free spin.

Alternatively, if one or two Moustached Boxers appear on a diagonal to the Bald boxer, then the Bald boxer will get punched – turning all reels in between into wilds, and you get a free spin as well!

Free Spins Bonus on Fisticuffs slots

What’s better is right now you’ll get free spins to play Fisticuffs slot machine as well actually you can take up to 20 free spins! Unlike traditional 3 column slot machines, with Fisticuffs 3 by 5 slot type, you’ll have many more possibilities of winning, and when you get free spins to play Fisticuffs slot machine, you’ll have a substantially higher chance of a win before even putting in money of your own. Talk about a fun game and a great chance of a win. Get up to 20 free spins to play Fisticuffs slot machine at!

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