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Xmas offer on Sparks slot game at PrimeSlots Casino

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110 free spins in Prime Slots Casino
Christmas season is here and the festivities have started. Streets are full of snow and everyone is excited to receive their special presents for the event. Primeslots Casino has also come up with special Christmas offer for new and active Slots4play members. With vibrant winter themes and exclusive casino offers, Primeslots have added the charm of Christmas to slot machine games.

There are different games with unique bonus offers for winter. For instance, there is a game called Sparks which will award its players with free spins. After you have made a deposit then after you can claim their bonus spins.

You are going to need to enter a bonus code which is 25sparks. Once you have followed these terms, you will be awarded 25 free spins in the Sparks Slot game.

There is also a bonus promotion for all newbies as well. On registration, you and your friends will be awarded 110 free spins to use in this Xmas period.

However, they will receive their free spins within the next three days of their registration, it is important to remember that these free spins have the potential to help them grow their account number if they are lucky enough.

It is important that the newbies must deposit 20 euros in their account after their registration as well to be eligible to receive their free spins.

Besides these free spins, players also have the chance to win the jackpot which is a huge amount and unlike any other bonuses in the game. Primeslots has made casino game much more interesting by adding these special Christmas offers.

To add to these already amazing offerings, there will also be a live tournament this Christmas. Players have to be participating and try to win as many points as they possibly can because later on the winners will be awarded good cash prizes and other bonuses like free spins.

With a beautiful blend of cozy Christmas spirit in the theme of winter games, Primeslots has only uplifted their players to play as many games as they can and also provided an attraction for the newbies so that everyone gets an equal amount of presents specially meant for this exclusive Christmas only.

primeslots winter bonus offer on sparks slot game