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Turn Echoes into free Spins at Kaboo Casino

Kaboo free spins
100 free spins in Kaboo Casino
Kaboo is an award winning casino which got the prestigious recognition of being the best new casino in 2015. With such a reputation, it goes without saying that the casino is indeed of great quality and has been able to offer users with the exact games and the experiences they were looking for.

Not only this, but also the casino offers a myriad of bonuses and promotions which makes it very appealing to many players, especially the younger generations that has a great appetite for adventure.

The casino has been designed on a sci-fi universe of its own. If you are playing in this casino, you will be given the ability to complete missions in exchange for echoes, which happens to be the casino’s loyalty reward currency. It implies that during the game play sessions, players can earn echoes which they can later on exchange to free spins. In this manner, you are treated not only to nice gaming experience, but you win free spins along the way which you can then use to play again for more wins.

Exchange Echoes for free spins

Other than the ability to get echoes and trade for free spins, there are a lot of benefits that comes with being a member of Kaboo Casino. One of the most pronounced ones is the welcome bonus where every new player is given five free echoes upon the activation of their accounts. This implies that by just signing up for a new account, you will get five free spins to start of your casino journey at Kaboo Casino.

Then there is also a 100% match up bonus up to £100 and additional 50 free echoes when you make your first deposit. Your second deposit will also attract the same bonuses for you. All these makes the casino one of the most generous ones and also making it easy for new players to start winning without spending fortunes. Sign up today if you want to enjoy these and many other benefits at Kaboo Casino.