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Bust the Bank Slots
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Bust the Bank is another fantastic game by Microgaming. This game features a coin size of $0.01 – $1.00 and a maximum of 10 coins per line. The max spin? A whopping $300 dollars (if you’re playing with a coin size of 1 dollar). Now the high price doesn’t come without a tradeoff of course, this game has 243 ways to win, yup.

Pretty impressive. The top jackpot is 15,000 coins which isn’t bad as well considering if you’re playing with a coin size of 1 dollar, then that’s $15,000 in a single jackpot.

Now free spins casino bonus on Bust the Bank slot is a great way of getting started on the game and figure out how to play, the current offer is 50 free spins on Bust the bank video slot by siginup up today at Lucky Nugget Casino. Basically the idea is to help some robbers with robbing a bank and escape capture. This game’s graphics are cartoon like which makes the game even funnier to play.

More about Bust the bank videoslot gameplay

The wild symbol in this game is the Bust the Bank Logo. Every time it appears on the reels, some of the lacking symbols are replaced with it to complete the winning combo. Be careful though, some symbols can’t be replaced. These are the Safe, Scatter Bomb, and Piggy Bank.

The scatter in Bust the Bank is the Bomb. This symbol guarantees some prizes as well as some killer bonus features. It starts off as 3 Bombs on the reels. You can get $600, $3,000, or $15,000 depending on how many scatters you can get.

Here’s a bonus; if you managed to catch 3 bombs, then you’ll be awarded with 8 free spins. During this bonus, reels 1 and 5 become all wild symbols. Not only that, during this time, the wilds will often double your awards as well. If you get another Bomb on the reels during this bonus, then you’ll be another with another free spin. The free spins casino bonus on Bust the Bank are looking better and better.

There’s 2 more bonuses in the game that can award you with even more money. The Piggy Bank Bonus feature will activate when you land a Piggy Bank icon on the 3rd reel. When this happens, you’ll be awarded with bonus cash. The Safe Bonus is activated when you land a Safe icon on reels 1 or 5. When this is activated, you’ll win up to 6 extra cash prizes.

With plenty of amusing cartoon characters, winning possibilities and cash prizes, Bust the Bank is another fantastic game you should get your hands on.