Deposit and get free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk slots

Play Jack and Beanstalk
Play Jack and Beanstalk at Slots4play now offers Jack and the Beanstalk, an exciting free video slot game that’ll surely net you a few gold coins, and now you can get gratis free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk when you sign up with a Netent Casino. This exciting game created by Net Entertainment offers a maximum of 600,000 coins! Each coin is valued at $0.10, so this means the maximum price is a whopping $60,000!

Inspired by the famed story of a boy and his quest for riches, Net Entertainment created Jack and the Beanstalk with 3D video technology to ensure you’re immersed in the wonder and excitement in the game. Play now and get 50 free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk as well. Note on that, there are free spins embedded within the game as well, allowing you to get the most for your gratis free spins Jack and the Beanstalk.

The game also features exciting Wilds as well. Each time you land a “Jack and the Beanstalk” block, you’ll hit a Wild, this wild makes the Jack and the Beanstalk block move left with each automated free spin. So if you land a Wild block on the 3rd column, you’ll win 3 more spins, each will have an x3 multiplier on your bet lines. The best part is that as long as you land a Wild, each free spin will get you some winnings, meaning as long as you roll a Wild, you’re almost guaranteed to win some coins. Free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk coupled with it’s in game mechanic will surely get you a good chance at winning some coins.

As if this isn’t enough, players will have a chance of landing free spins rounds. During these rounds, Jack will take you to new heights in the sky castle where you’ll not have receive free spins, but also have the opportunity to unlock new Wilds.

The ability to unlock additional features gives Jack and the Beanstalk a unique sense of progress as players play through each round of bets and is unlike many traditional slot machine games. Each additional Wild players unlock will grant the players stacked Wilds. During the free spin rounds, players who find 3 keys are granted 2 stacked Wilds, players who finds 6 keys are granted 3 stacked Wilds. Each subsequently grants additional gold coins when players get a winning roll.

Jack and the Beanstalk is truly an amazingly fun game with never before seen mechanics and mesmerizing graphics. Coupled with gratis free spins Jack and the Beanstalk will surely get you excited to give it a try.