PVP Casino Battle – Celsius Casino

Join Celsius Casino and create your own PVP battle. Players can deposit and withdraw their winnings directly to their crypto wallets. Have fun!

The way the PVP Battle at Celsius Casino works is simple:

  • A player creates a battle room by choosing a game, an amount of bonus purchase and the number of players he wants to face (For example: 1VS1 bonus purchase at 40€ on Dog House Megaways).
  • You join this room, buy a bonus of the value chosen when creating the room and on the same game as the other players.
  • You have 5 minutes per spin maximum and 5 minutes to launch the bonus purchase.
  • Once all players in the room have completed the bonus purchase, the amounts won are compared. The player with the highest winnings collects all the other players’ winnings.

In PVP Battles there is only one winner!

Important information:

  •  A PVP battle room only stays open for 10 minutes, if no one joins you then you get your money back and the room closes.
  • In the event of a tie, each player gets their own money back only.
  • If no one joins you you can call a moderator to join you and play against you (using the button provided).
  • Rakeback works in PVP Battles.