ice cream extravaganza bingo event

Ice Cream Extravaganza at BingoFest

Who doesn’t love ice creams, especially those creamy chocolaty yummy treats that just melt in the mouth!

But wait! Before you head out to get one for yourself, you’ll be thrilled to know that BingoFest is celebrating the National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 7th with an extravagant bingo event!

Sunday, June 7 CEST is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day – so what better way take care of that sweet tooth than by offering you our exciting Ice Cream Extravaganza BINGO event!

Head over to the USA BINGO Room at 2:00AM CEST, where we will be offering an extra special, extra sweet BINGO cycle which will be made up of different high-paying games! Get ready for a full hour of starting €67.50 games, guaranteed €67.50 games, €67.50 reverse coverall €675.00 games and regular €675.00 coverall (min €67.50) games. With cards priced at €1.35 for each of game, you wouldn’t think it could get much sweeter than this. But it does!

We are throwing in an additional promo for you! When you Buy 5 cards we’re going to give you 2 for FREE! How sweet is that? Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

If you’re not already a member, joining the BINGO family is quick and easy! Simply sign up by providing your name and email address and then verifying your account. It really is that easy!

The delicious event happens in the USA Bingo Room with exciting bingo games from Starting $75 games, Guaranteed $75 game and a $750 reverse coverall game. Cards are priced at just $1.50 each.

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