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Neteller eWallet Review

A lot of people don’t want to reveal their financial information like credit cards online. While their safety features have increased over the years, still a lot of people find it hard to trust online payments. Fraud is not uncommon and when you give the same information to multiple websites and vendors, you are increasingly the risk of getting exposed to cyber criminals who might misuse this information.

Gambling is one of the favorite pastimes of people and increasingly people prefer to play online rather than offline traditional casinos. In online casinos, people pay like in traditional casinos but since you can’t use cash, you have to find a way to give your financial information. Some give checks and drafts, and a majority of them prefer credit cards. But most people find it uncomfortable to hand over financial information to a faceless online website.

eWallets are one of the best online financial improvements that have solved this problem by acting as a mediator between payments and the client. The way eWallets work is you have to first register yourself and your card or bank account with such a service which will have to be verified.

After that, you no longer have to give your financial information to any website and can simply use this eWallet to make purchases or to deposit money to online casinos. This adds an extra layer of security that significantly enhances the security for the buyers. As your financial information is secure with one eWallet, the risk of someone stealing your credit card information is significantly reduced.

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Why Neteller ?

Neteller is one of the pioneers in this field and can be used to deposit money to online casinos. Once you open an account with Neteller and register your financial instrument which may be a bank account or a debit or credit card, you can use Neteller for all future financial transactions.

This method is much faster than traditional services like checks and bank transfers which take time to be cleared. Also, since you no longer have to type long card numbers and addresses while making deposits, it makes online purchases and deposits a much more pleasant affair. All you have to do is to go to an online casino, select Neteller as your payment vendor and mention the amount that you want to deposit and with one click you are ready to make payments, something that would take several days through traditional ways.