Ladbrokes £25 free casino offer

Ladbrokes £25 free casino offer

Ladbrokes is one of the most famous bookmakers and gaming platforms of the world that is trusted and loved everywhere. And Playtech is well-known for their casino software that powers a lot of online casinos.

The best in the business announced a partnership recently that is sure to enthuse a lot of gamers and poker players around the globe.

Ladbrokes mobile are already spoilt for choice with a wide variety of options, but after this partnership, a host of games have been launched under the Vegas tab on their website. Grapevine is that it can completely emulate the look and feel of real Vegas casino punters. Initially, around 70 games have been launched, out of which around 30 are also available on the mobile platforms.

Some of the most popular games on the Ladbrokes website is the 3 Reel Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Jackpots, Superheroes, Table Games, Card Games, Arcade Games, Virtual Sports, Keno/Numbers, Hi-Lo, Scratch cards, Dice Games, TV & Quiz Live Games and Backgammon.

Some of the all-time games popular with players like the Sopranos, Little Britain and spam a lot are already available through this platform. You can play them without downloading any software! In the world of online gaming, where it is very hard to differentiate between various platforms, this partnerships will pay great dividends to both the parties as they can leverage each others marketing and promotional platforms and reach to a wider network than it would be possible individually. Bonuses, Email campaigns and banners run by Playtech will benefit the operators as well.

It is expected that Ladbrokes will eventually be able to offer upto 400 games that are already available on the Playtech’s open games solution, which sources games from both Playtech and third-party content suppliers.

More importantly, the biggest asset for Ladbrokes platform will be it using the IMS software of Playtech which is equipped with advanced customer relationship management capabilities, which will drastically improve customer retention and overall satisfaction.

It is expected by Ladbrokes owners that this synergy will help in improving the lifetime player values. They are offering  a £25 bonus ABSOLUTELY FREE as soon as you join the Ladbrokes Vegas platform.

But unlike most platforms, Ladbrokes will let you withdraw your winnings up to a maximum of £100. However, if you have to withdraw more than £100 in winnings, they will have to make an approved deposit before withdrawing. All in all, this a great partnership from the perspective of the players that like the Ladbrokes platform.

Claim your bonus today at Ladbrokes online Casino.

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